About Me

This Blog is for myself to collect my thoughts and for future brewers to use as a source of reference and inspiration.

As I am writing this now I am sipping on one of my brews. A Belgium golden ale that has beer widely praised by those who have tried it. Since I was a kid when my father gave me a non-alcoholic beer with pizza (I must have been 10 or 11). I was intrigued by the flavour. later in high school when I was a rebel I had my first real beer (sorry dad). A craft pilsner. Nothing fancy but wow it was delicious, to this day I still enjoy one. Naturally I fell in love with it. Upon finding the craft scene I was hooked. ever trip too and from the LCBO I had something different. Always wanting to find that next best taste. Ultimately that leads to making my first beer.

Since September 2014 I have been brewing. Every Friday was 1 gallon brew day while I was in school. I went for graphic design. although I love what I do at my current job the idea of owning my own establishment pulls me away. Plus having a graphic and packaging background will come in extremely handy when owning a business.

The brewpub is in its conception stages and most likely 4-5 years away. Planning is key right now as is recipe development. I love anything for a barrel. The big plan is to have TONS of barreled ale. Clean and spontaneous. I am currently just beginning to work on my first wild yeast harvests. More to come after my vacation next week.