Working with Wine Grape Skins and B2017.3

I am going to try and post a weekly update every Friday. In the update I plan to review my past brew day, talk about the up coming brew day, talk about beers that are aging and talk about upcoming events/plans.

B2017.3 Gildemeester Melon Head Ale brew day

Brew day went rather smoothly. No spills, no mess and no rush. After setting the mash -90/10 Belgian pilsner/local Barn Owl Munich + 1/4 lbs of Melanoidin-I went out for brunch with my mother and father to our favourite crepe place. Got back 2.5 hours later and began to sparge. Collected my pre boil wort and FWH with 20 IBU of German magnum. I then ran my 60 min boil, started to chill to 190, tossed in an oz. of Huell Melon and whirlpooled for 25 min before chilling to 65 and collecting 6 gal.16237856_10154774761610336_1858583810_n

I pitched my Saccharomyces and Hanseniaspora starter slurry and left it to chug away. Because I left my mash for a few hours I had an increase in my efficiency by 5%.

OG: 1.053
IBU: 25-30
SRM: 6
FG est: 1.004-1.002
BHE: 85%
Water was a pale hoppy profile.

This Sunday I will be adding 1 oz of Huell Melon as a dry hop addition.

On top of this brew I also packaged up my Black NEIPE hybrid. Due to being more efficient than usual and also overly attenuating by a long shot it has turned into an Imperial Black NEIPE. Finished at 8.4 ABV instead of 7.2 ABV. I bottled up just under 5 gal of this glorious black nectar. In the coming weeks I will do a review on this ale before brewing V2 with different hops for an upcoming IPA competition.

Mixed Fermentation with Wine Grapes B2017.4 planning

This coming Sunday will be an interesting brew. Again I will be using my wild yeasts for this one. As well after 7 days I will be pitching some dregs from Sawdust City mixed fermentation/sours. After 14 days I will transfer to secondary where there will be 2 heaping cups of grape skins and 1 oz of medium toasted oak added.


Balanced water with a mash pH of 5.2

95% Chateau Pilsen
5% Thomas Fawcett C45

Mash at 150 for 60 min with 4.5 gal tap water
Raise temp via induction to 168 and hold for 5 min before begining sparge/launter.
Sparge with 168 with 3 gal of distilled water

Boil for 60 min with 2.5 IBU of German magnum added at the beginning of boil
Add Whirlfloc and Yeast nutrient at 15 min
Cool to 68 before pitching sacc/hans culture

Ferment for 7 days and then add dreg slurry of SDC Limberlost with currants, SDC The Mountie, SDC ODB

Ferment for another 7 days before racking onto 2 cups of red wine grape skins/juice and adding 1 oz of medium toasted oak chips

Ferment until stable and tasting right


OG: 1.046
FG: <1.000
IBU: 2.5
SRM: 5
BHE: 79%


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