Split Batch NEIPA

January is over. Holy hell 2017 is already moving quickly! The last brew day was… well an absolute mess (ish). More on that in a moment though. This coming brew is an exciting one of the few split batches I have ever done. Need to do this more often! There is an IPA competition coming in early march. Naturally I already have dozens of ideas for what to brew. The only problem is that I have limited time because IPAs are best drank fresh. So out of the ideas I decided to do a split batch NEIPA. One with the classic Vermont ale yeast and another with Brett Brux. Both of these yeasts were kindly supplied by Escarpment Labratories. The 3rd beer being entered will be my Black NEIPA with a different hop bill. Here is my brett starter chugging away happily.


For the split batch I will be using my favourite hop blend of Ron Mexico (HBC 438), Nelson Sauvin and Azacca. Recipe is as follows.

Freshly Squeezed B2017.5/6


  • Mash pH: 5.2
  • Ca+2: 130
  • Cl-: 135
  • SO4-2: 100


  • 80% Thomas Fawcett Pearl
  • 16% OiO Toasted Flaked Oats
  • 4% Simpsons Golden Naked Oats

Mash schedule:

  • Mash in at 151F and hold for 60 min ~1.5 qt/lbs
  • Raise to 168F via induction and hold for 10 min
  • Fly Sparge with 168 until 7.25 gal have been collected

Hot side:

  • 60 min boil
  • 15 min add whirlfloc and yeast nutrient
  • 5 min add 1/2 oz Azacca 10.3% AA, 1/2 oz HBC 438 16.6% AA and 1/2 oz Nelson Sauvin 12.4% AA
  • Chill to 185F and whirlpool for 30 min with 1 oz Azacca 10.3% AA, 1.5 oz HBC 438 16.6% AA and 1.5 oz Nelson Sauvin 12.4% AA

Chill to 68F and collect 2 batches of 3 gal each.
Pitch Vermont ale yeast in one and Brett D (brux) in the other.
Ferment at 70F
Dry hop each with 3/8 oz Azacca 10.3% AA, 3/4 oz HBC 438 16.6% AA and 3/4 oz Nelson Sauvin 12.4% AA as high krausen is just starting to fall.
Dry hop each with 1/8 oz Azacca 10.3% AA, 1/4 oz HBC 438 16.6% AA and 1/4 oz Nelson Sauvin 12.4% AA 4 days prior to packaging.


  • OG: 1.060
  • SRM: 6
  • IBU: ~75
  • Vermont FG: 1.013
  • Brett D FG: 1.006

Last Brew day B2017.4

For those of you who don;t remember the last post I was planing a simple pale base to be soured and have grape skins. WELL in an act of laziness I grabbed the wrong pre-weighed sack of malt. Grabbed my Pearl instead of Belgian Pilsner. So instead of pale it turned more red.16507807_10154801287865336_963287885_n Worst part is that as I filled the grain mill I thought to myself “huh Chateau Pilsen looks a bit different”. Then I managed to fumble my transfer hose (that was not sanitized on the outside) into my full fermentor of 2.5 IBU wort. Here is hoping nothing bad happens.

Other than that brew day went perfectly. Hit all my numbers dead on. Kviek was not quite ready to bottle as it still was releasing CO2 and had some yeast rafts flaoting about so that is work for this weekend.



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