Project Black Juice: C.A.M.

Since my first time entering a craft beer bar I fell in love with the black IPA. All the flavour and aromatics of tropical citrus/stone fruit and pine mixed with a subtle dark chocolate/coffee. An instant favourite winter style for me. I knew I had to brew one as soon as I started home brewing. I did on my old 1 gal system. Now 2 years later I have started to brew them again only with a twist. A black IPA with a NEIPA influence.

After my first successful attempt at a Black NEIPA I am going at it again with a slightly different malt and hop bill. This brew is the final brew for an upcoming IPA competition. This time using Citra, Azacca and Mosaic. Project Black Juice: C.A.M. is ready to be brewed this Sunday.

Project Black Juice: C.A.M.


  • Calcium: 115 ppm
  • Chloride: 135 ppm
  • Sulfate: 90 ppm
  • Mash pH: 5.3
  • Mash Thickness: 1.3 qt/lbs (4.5 gal)

8.7 gal total


  • 51% 7lbs Thomas Fawcett Pearl
  • 22% 3 lbs Thomas Fawcett Maris Otter (out of pearl)
  • 14.5% 2 lbs OiO Toasted Flaked Oats
  • 7.5% 1 lbs Weyermann Dehusked Carafa III
  • 3.5% 1/2 lbs Simpsons Golden Naked Oats
  • 2% 1/4 lbs Muttons Roasted Barley

13.75 lbs total

Mash Schedule:

  • Mashin an hold for 60 min at 154F (4.5 gal)
  • Raise via induction to 168F and hold for 10 min
  • Fly Sparge with 4.2 gal distilled water at 168F
  • Collect 7.125 gal wort

Hot Side Additions:

  • 60 Min boil
  • 15 min add Whirlfloc
  • 15 min add yeast nutrient
  • 5 min add 1/2 oz Citra 13.4% AA
  • 5 min add 1/2 oz Azacca 12% AA
  • 5 min add 1/2 oz Mosaic 11% AA
  • Flame out and chill to 185F
  • Whirlpool for 30 min with 1.75 oz Citra 13.4% AA, 1.75 oz Azacca 12% AA and 1.75 oz Mosaic 11% AA
  • Chill to 68F

Cold Side Additions:

  • Collect 6 gal leaving as much kettle trub behind as possible
  • Pitch Vermont ale yeast from Escarpment Labs at a rate of 1 million cells/ml/P
  • As Krausen falls dry hop with 1.5 oz Citra 13.4% AA, 1.5 oz Azacca 12% AA and 1.5 oz Mosaic 11% AA
  • 4 days prior to packaging Dry hop with 1/4 oz Citra 13.4% AA, 1/4 oz Azacca 12% AA and 1/4 oz Mosaic 11% AA
  • 24 hour prior to packaging Cold crash with gelatin
  • Bottle condition with 2.3 vols


  • OG: 1.065
  • FG: 1.014
  • IBU: 80-90
  • SRM: 30
  • BHE: 79%

Last weeks split batch brew went fairly well. No big spills and hit my number right on the head. Only hiccup was I neglected to compensate for the massive amount of hop gunk that decided it wanted to get into my carboys. The wort was Swamp juice green. Click here for a few photos from brew day.

Coming up as well this weekend is a local craft beer fest and then on Monday a brew group meeting. Cannot wait to share some of the most recent creations.

Project Black Juice: C.A.G. Review


Black with some ruby/brown highlights around the edges. Pours a thick tan head that my iPhone failed to capture. Head has good retention and laces the glass after each sip. When held up to the light the beer it moderately hazy.

Smells like a hop farm. Tropical with hints of mango, lychee and pineapple dominate. As it warms more subtle notes of peach, apricot, pine, mixed berries and guava start to showcase themselves. Definitely leaning more towards the fruity side than the pine side. There is a hint of roasty malt with a dark chocolate and coffee like note.

Moderately high carbonation. A warming pleasant alcohol. Smooth on the tongue. It really invites you to take another sip. Body is a bit thin and the finish is a crisp dryness.

Tons of fruit. The dominant ones are mango and pineapple with some fuzzy peaches. These are accompanies by a subtle complimentary dark chocolate and black coffee flavour. Roasted malts are in the background. This chocolaty fruity flavour lingers in the mouth. Not very bitter at all.

Overall Impression:
Pretty happy! Attempt one at a Black NEIPA was a success to my pallet. Very enjoyable to drink for a beverage at 8.4 ABV

Next Time:
I will mash higher to have more body. I think I over carbonated a bit on this so I will tone that back. New hop combo for fun.



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