Solera Brew Day

On new years day a club member posted about finding a 15 gal demijohn on the side of the road and asked if anyone wanted it. Immediately my thought went to long term sour beer. I fired her off a message saying I would gladly take that off her hands. So after a bit of planning and procrastination I have finally decided I will be brewing for the demijohn this weekend. One problem. My system is 5-6 gal max. Not 15. Not wanting to do a triple brew I can up with a was to do a 2.5 brew after I figured out my recipe.

Solera Brew 2017


  • Calcium: 54
  • Chloride: 40
  • Sulfate: 64
  • Mash pH: 5.6
  • Mash Thickness: 1.5


  • 72% Chateau Pilsen
  • 12% Barn Owl Munich
  • 4% Weyermann Spelt
  • 4% Weyermann Pale Wheat
  • 4% OiO Toasted Flaked Oats
  • 4% Unmalted Wheat

Mash: (where things start to get tricky)

The unmalted wheat will be milled separately and set aside with the toasted flaked oats . I will mill everything else out and split into a bucket with 1/3 (Little Boy) and another with 2/3 (Fat Man).

Mash little Boy for 60 min at 158. Sparge with 180 water and Collect 7 gal.

Once Little Boy has been mashed in and set I will be getting my old 1 gal system mash ton and add the toasted flaked oats and unmalted wheat to it. Mash at 125 for 60 min. No sparge mashing. 1/3 of the volume will be added to the Little Boy kettle and the rest to Fat Man. As Little boy is being brought up to a boy Fat Man will be mashed in at 158. Fat man will be batch sparged to collect 2 kettles worth.

Sound confusing? Cause it does to me. Once I have juggled everything into place and have all the wort It gets easier. As Fat man is being sparged little boy will be cooling and being transferred to the FV. I only have 2 kettles so empty SS BrewTech buckets are going to be getting used to hold wort and/or sparge water.


This is easy. FWH with German Magnum 11.8% AA to achieve 1 IBU.


Primary fermentation will be using my wild Saccharomyces and Hanseniaspora. After 2 weeks of fermentation the beer will be transfered to the 15 gal demijohn and pitched with dregs. Dregs will be from every sour beer I drink and enjoy that are not pasteurized.

Aiming for a target OG of 1.045-1.050. With such a crazy mash I have no way of accurately guessing my numbers.

Competition results

Had my wild sacch saison place 3rd in a local competition! My oatmeal stout and black IPA didn’t do quite as well but hell I’m not complaining. Aside from one judge stating pine must be present in a black IPA the other score sheets had some good feedback. The judges must have been served the saison warm as the bubblegum flavours started to come through for them. This weekend I will be bottling my NEIPA for the up coming IPA challenge and also taking gravity readings of my 100% brett IPA and Black NEIPA.

Last weeks Black NEIPA brew went off without any issues. Really getting better at making sure ball valves are closed… Anyways here is the hop trub after chilling. 6 oz whirlpool addition!



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