Pushing my Wild Saccharomyces

For anyone who has read a few posts on here you probably have noticed my enthusiasm about a wild yeast I harvested this past summer. See hereherehere and here. This brew will be more of a test to see how this yeast preform in higher gravity and ABV beers. As the Gildemeester ale yeast seems to usually have an apparent attenuation of ~95% the OG will not need to be super high.

Big Bad Gildemeester Ale


  • Calcium: 84 ppm
  • Chloride: 66 ppm
  • Sulfate: 113 ppm
  • Mash pH: 5.2
  • Mash Thickness: 1.3 qt/lbs (4.5 gal)

7.5 gal total


  • 71.4% 10 lbs Chateau Pilsen
  • 28.6% 4 lbs Weyerman Spelt Malt

14 lbs total

Mash Schedule:

  • Mash in an hold for 60 min at 148F (4.5 gal)
  • Raise via induction to 168F and hold for 10 min
  • Fly Sparge with 3 gal distilled water at 168F

Collect 6.25 gal wort

Hot Side Additions:

  • 60 min boil
  • FWH 3/8 oz German Magnum 11.8% AA
  • 15 min add Whirlfloc
  • 15 min add yeast nutrient
  • 10 min add 2 oz Australian Summer 7.7% AA
  • Chill to 68F

Cold Side Additions:

  • Collect 5.25 gal
  • Pitch Gildemeester Ale yeast from my wild harvest at a rate of 1 million cells/ml/P
  • 7 day prior to packaging dry hop with 2 oz Australian Summer 7.7% AA
  • 24 hour prior to packaging Cold crash with gelatin
  • Bottle condition with 2.8 vols


  • OG: 1.079
  • FG: 1.003
  • ABV: 10
  • IBU: 33
  • SRM: 4.25
  • BHE: 80%

Last Brew day

Was an absolute crazy mess but I ended up with 17.3 gal and trying my first cold sparge. My noticeable Pros/Cons. Pros: Little effort, mash tun cooled down fast and was easy to clean because of it. Cons: undershot efficiency by 4% which is pretty big for me. Instead of my 1.045-1.049 range I hit 1.040. Nothing I cannot work with though. After all this will be a dry sour!

Gildemeester Melon Head Ale Review


Mandarin orange colour, moderately hazy (chill haze from bottle conditioning be damned). Pours a thick white fluffy head that persists. Laces the glass with each sip. Becomes crystal clear as it warms.

Pear, melon, field berries, banana, clove, black pepper. Ester, phenols and hop aromatics are well balanced. A complimentary note of honey from the malt shows up in the background. This pen I am wringing with (originally) is rather solvent-y. Ball point from now on.

Soft and silky. Moderately high carbonation level with a medium body. Surprising for finishing at 1.003. Very elegant feeling.

Melon, clove and black pepper up front. Mild honey and bready note in the background. Light tangerine and mild herbal notes. Tastes the way a wild strawberry patch smells if that makes sense. Bubble gum starts to come into play as it warms.

Overall Impression:
Easy drinking and rather refreshing. A mildly tweeted version is due for this summer I believe. More dry hops are needed. After a full 12 oz bottle and waiting for dinner you can tell this is a bit higher ABV than your standard beer (6.6 ABV) although the flavour would never let you know.

Next Time:
Double the flame out and dry hops. Hell maybe triple. Extended 1 week cold crash to try and clear the chill haze.


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