I Think I Now Know 7

I seems every month there is a new “This is it hop”. A few months ago Idaho 7 (Who has a few other aliases) blew up a bit. Heck even a favourite local brew pud of mine did a single hop pale ale with it. I figured it was time for me to get back to the basics and do a “not so SMaSH”. As many of us know SMaSH does not stand for a beer that’ll get you smashed (experience may vary user to user) but rather means Single Hop and Single Malt. SMaSH recipes are mainly used by newer brewers who are trying to learn what different ingredients taste like. So here I am, ready to learn what Idaho 7 tastes like in a NEIPA.


I Think I Now Know 7


Still I am tweaking my water profile until I get it just right for this style of deliciousness.

  • Calcium: 127
  • Chloride: 160
  • Sulfate: 96
  • SO42-/Cl- ratio: 0.6

Mash pH 5.2


  • Mash in at 153 and hold for 60 min. 1.75 qt/lbs
  • Raise via induction to 168 for 10 min
  • Fly sparge with 168


This is where this beer become s a “no so” SMaSH. I still am playing with my grain bill for this style so flaked oats and caramel oats are used.

  • 74.7% Thomas Fawcett Pearl
  • 16.8% OiO Toasted Oat Flakes
  • 4.2% Simpsons Golden Naked Oats
  • 4.2% Lactose (added at flameout)


30 min boil

  • 15 min Whirlfoc+nutrient (Why has no company made this combo tablet yet?)
  • Flamout and chill to 180F
  • Whirlpool via pump for 20 min
  • Add 1 oz of Idaho 7 hop hash 31.4% AA (~39 IBUs) not a typo
  • Add 5/8 oz Idaho 7 14.1% AA (~11 IBUs)
  • Let temp drop naturally over whirlpool
  • Chill to 68F

Cold Side

  • Pitch Escarpment Labs Vermont ale yeast @ 1 mill cells/ml/p
  • When Krausen begins to dry hop with 3 oz Idaho 7 14.1% AA
  • KEG when ready with 1.375 oz Idaho 7 14.1% AA


  • OG: 1.054
  • FG: 1.013
  • ABV: 5.2
  • IBU: ~ 50
  • BU/GU: 94

This was my first 30 min boil and threw my BHE off by about 5% but overall everything else went well. Filled my first keg with the beer for the Full Sized Red Wine Barrel contribution this coming Saturday. Going to let that barrel rest for about 3 months. All of my kegging equipment (aside from the fridge) is now purchased and ready to go! Build will be on the 15th of this month. This Idaho 7 NEIPA will be the first beer that flows through a tap of my own.

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