Late September update

Looking more and more at how real I want to make this. After a club meeting with GTA brews for the first time I was left speechless with the enthusiasm people gave me over some of my beers. The bourbon “barrel” aged triple bock hit it off!

Currently I have a Milk stout with pumpkin, spices and espresso (pumpkin spiced latte), Bourbon barrel aged triple bock (about to get put in the cellar) and a smoked lightly aged (6 months) stout with licorice root in bottles. Very happy with all of these brews. In 2 days I will bottle a NE style IPA. last tasting was very very nice. hoping the dry hops have a good punch to them! Currently fermenting I have a monster Belgiam quad OG 1.145 along with my lavender beer with oak that has been aging for about 6-7 weeks now. Another 3-5 weeks and it should be ready for bottles. I also have an american imperial stout 7.3 ABV aging. Thinking of adding milk sugar and peanut butter powder to it.

With these beers I recently have started to do mead in small batches! Rooibos mead fermented with wine yeast was bottled last weekend. Age will treat it nicely. Speaking of Rooibos, I entered my rooibos amber ale into the 2016 Brewslam as BJCP 30A. First competition entry ever. Next year I plan to enter dozens of beers.

This past summer I harvested yeast off of some wild raspberries and blackberries up by North Bay. These cultures have been handed over to Escarpment Laboratories. They are going to try to incubate enough of each culture to do some experimental pitches with! The plan is to do a split batch Saison. Fingers crossed that this works out.

For October I have 2-3 brews planned. A french saison, a clean lager and perhaps a wheat. As well as a wild berry handpicked cider. The fractal distilled beer is nearing completion ~28 ABV. October should be fairly busy.